I believe that every woman can create a life-giving home-based income stream.

Heya, girl! I'm Katie…


…and I help ambitious moms learn marketable skills so that they can create a life-giving and money-making home-based business while being close to the people they love the most!

Imagine what it would feel like to build a skill set and mindset that gives you the security of knowing you have complete control over the money you make—both how much of it you make and where you make it.

What would you be able to accomplish, achieve, create, or do knowing that you have the power and ability to earn money from home doing something you loved?

How would your life change if you were able to go from living in a world where money is hard to find to a world where money is EVERYWHERE? 

You may think I’m CRAZY just for saying it, but it’s totally possible.

Now hear me out. I’m not a big believer in the “get rich quick” mindset. And I certainly won’t try to sell you on the idea that somewhere out there money really does grow on trees.

Because it doesn’t.

BUT I firmly believe that when you have money-making skills, it can almost feel that way.

Don’t believe me? A few years back, I didn’t believe it either. Let me explain.

Before I started working from home, I was a stay-at-home mom raising my two littles while my husband worked 12- to 16-hour days at a job he hated that barely helped us make ends meet.

It was during these early years of parenting that a wise friend taught me a skill that, unbeknownst to me, would change my life.

That skill—shoe shining.

Simple, yes, but it was learning that single skill that was the catalyst that changed my perception on making money forever.

You see, what she really taught me was the skill of finding value in anything. She taught me how to turn virtually anything into money by changing my perspective, learning some skills, and doing the work.

And so I did.

“Find value in anything.”

Whenever my family needed a little extra money, I hauled my behind down to the Goodwill Outlet—a store that sells Goodwill rejects by the pound—dug through the big blue troughs, found and bought used shoes for .35/lb, shined those babies up, and sold them.

And while my friend taught me how to shine shoes, repair clothes, and paint furniture, the most valuable lesson she ever taught me was how to find value in anything.

This is what enabled me to be resourceful and find creative ways to make money from home, stretch our budget, and give more to those in need.

It’s how I was able to turn 35 cents into $5, $5 into $20, $20 into $100, $100 into $1,000. And later, it was the same skill I used to turn the $497 tuition I paid for that a simple proofreading course into multiple six figures over 4 years.

How’d I do it? One skill at a time.

Focusing on building my skills is what took me from being a survey-taker—you know, when you take surveys all day for a few bucks a pop—to a real money-maker.

Over the last 4 years I've grown my skills from proofreading to transcription to virtual assisting to project management and digital marketing, all the while doubling my family's annual income.

Now, I use my skills to teach people like you how to start building real money-making skills so you can side-step the garbage and bee-line it to your most important work-at-home goals.

  • Skills that have helped my student Jennifer shift her profession as a veterinarian into medical writing and marketing like she’s always dreamed of.
  • Skills that helped Rebekah boost her VA skills and grow her client base!
  • Skills that helped Joanna get hired to manage a blog (from home!) for a digital marketing company!
  • Skills that helped Ashley get hired by her first client while she was still going through my program!

Skills that can help you build that home-based income stream that gives you complete control over how and where you make your money.

So why skills?

Because when you have money-making skills, you have the control.

Here’s why your focus should be on building your skills:


Skills can never be taken away from you.


There is no limit to the skills you can build.


You’re in charge of what you do with them.

I can teach you.

If you’re ready to start seeing the value in anything and you’re willing to do the work, I can teach you marketable skills that will help you start creating that money-making home-based income stream you’ve been wanting.

Are you ready?